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After a successful decade leading initiatives to build public support for urgent climate action, GCCA’s Board and staff took the decision to close the organization in March 2019 due to an unsustainable funding outlook. With kind support from the Oak Foundation, GCCA staff undertook a managed exit from existing projects and initiatives from April 2019 and we closed our virtual doors at the end of June 2019. 

Please take a moment to view our one-minute farewell video, above, which includes just a few highlights from GCCA’s rich history of bringing people together and growing the global climate movement since 2009. GCCA’s legacy lives on in many ways, including through important initiatives seeded over the years such as:; native language versions of ‘The Tree’ in China and Latin America, and; the Unmask My City initiative.

As 2019 draws to a close, and despite ongoing intransigence of the world’s biggest, most powerful countries, we can truly say GCCA’s original vision of broad-based public engagement with climate action under a global deal has been realized. GCCA’s farewell video celebrates how massive, vibrant, diverse and influential the global climate movement has become over the past decade. I recognize and appreciate the hundreds of GCCA members, supporters, partners, allies, and talented staff who have helped make it so — thank you!

Still, looking ahead to 2020 — a pivotal year for our planet — I’m reminded of the banner that GCCA members united around after the 2009 Copenhagen climate summit: “Job not done!” How can you drive climate action and help get the job done in 2020? For starters, join the global movement #EarthRise and mobilize around the world for the 50th anniversary of Earth Day on April 22, 2020. And now, over to you!

Antonio Hill

(former) Executive Director




Humanity’s success in overcoming climate change depends on key decisions being made in countries and communities around the world right now: urban development plans, infrastructure investments, policy choices, and a host of other issues being tackled by organisations and community groups every day.

Human activities don’t take place in a bubble – everything affects the world’s climate. The most impactful climate policies are often practical solutions to improve public health, build stronger economies and enhance quality of life in ways that benefit everyone. Organisations that are already tackling these issues have a unique opportunity to advance climate action in tandem with their own mission.

Seasoned in global campaigns, mass mobilisations and strategic communications, GCCA works in partnership with organisations to help them realise the full potential of their work. We build capacity through hands-on support, from strategy through execution, and rally a worldwide network of partners and individual influencers to your cause. By working together we can grow your impact and advance your mission while at the same time accelerating solutions to climate change.


Cultivate existing staff and fill gaps with embedded campaigners who speak your language and know how to fit climate into your agenda.

Influence at Scale

Develop and implement strategies that mobilise your base, attract new audiences, and move other stakeholders to action.

Mobilize Networks

Identify and connect with like-minded influencers within your community and across the world to increase the reach and impact of your initiatives.

Change the Narrative

Tap our network of passionate communicators to help you have your say and change the way people understand the links between your cause and climate solutions.

Bike Anjo in alliance with GCCA launched the campaign Bike to Work with a strong focus on the health benefits of active mobility and air pollution reduction.

We support health professionals demanding clean,safe air in major cities around the world.

We work together with OKC, a growing international coalition of parent and grandparent groups from around the world who have come together to demand bold action to protect the children we love from catastrophic climate change.


GCCA collaborated with the Global Catholic Climate Movement to amplify pro-climate messages during a period bookended by two major Catholic events in 2016: the one-year anniversary of Pope Francis’ “Climate Encyclical, Laudato Si on June 18th, and the World Youth Day festival in Poland during the last week of July.