Peru talks must steer course for global climate treaty, says country’s minister

global climate treaty

Peru’s environment minister, Manuel Pulgar-Vidal says the Lima climate conference should produce a first draft of a new global climate treaty. Creative Commons: Presidencia Perú, 2012

Governments attending the UN climate talks in Peru later this year, must come with the “political will” necessary to produce a first draft of a new global deal to tackle climate change, the country’s environment minister has said.

Nearly 200 governments will meet in Lima in December, having set themselves a deadline of the end of 2015 to agree, for the first time, a global deal on cutting emission that will include both rich and poor countries.

Following a disappointing outcome at the last round of talks in Warsaw last December it is now crunch time for governments to ensure they meet this deadline.

Speaking to the Guardian, Manuel Pulgar-Vidal warned significant progress had to be made on key areas including climate finance, and deforestation.

“If what we want by Paris 2015 is a new binding global climactic agreement, then what we need to produce in Lima is a solid working draft,” said Pulgar-Vidal.

“Significant progress” would also need to be made in Lima, he said, on the Green Climate Fund (a mechanism to transfer money from the developed to the developing world), the issue of “loss and damage”(whether rich countries should pay poor ones for damage caused by climate change) and a UN scheme to tackle emissions caused by forests being cleared.

He said he was optimistic but realistic about the meeting but insisted its success would depend on the “political will” of the heads of state who attend the preceding UN climate summit in New York in September.

“The UN secretary general’s idea is precisely that the presidents bring the political will to give the COP the momentum it needs to be sufficiently successful and to count on the political support to make a decision,” Pulgar-Vidal said.

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