MEPs urged to support strong climate action as EU elections draw closer

EU elections

European Parliamentary candidates are being called on to support strong climate policies. Creative Commons: European Parliament, 2013

As Europeans get ready to head to the polls next month (22-25 May) green groups are calling on EU parliamentary candidates to ensure climate and energy issues are at the heart of their election promises.

The 751 MEPs chosen for the European Parliament will have the power to decide on crucial policies including climate and energy, development and conservation that could help protect the environment, create jobs and boost the economy.

Polls show that 80% of Europeans believe fighting climate change could boost employment and 95% consider protecting the environment important.

Analysis released today by Climate Action Network (CAN) Europe aims to make it easier for voters to to find candidates who will deliver in these areas.

In a series of scorecards, it ranks national political parties and MEPs on their climate and energy performance between 2009 and 2014.

CAN is also calling on all politicians eyeing a seat in Parliament to sign a climate pledge ahead of the elections, committing to strong climate and energy policies during their five-year term in office.

Wendel Trio, Director of CAN Europe said:

Climate actions speak louder than words and this analysis enables people to see exactly what national political parties and their MEPs have supported during their term in the European Parliament. This tool will allow civil society and individual citizens to both challenge and vote for parties and MEPs who will support the advancement of more ambitious European climate and energy policies for 2030 and beyond.

WWF is likewise urging MEP candidates to take climate action.

Tony Long, Director of WWF European Policy Office said:

The EU has the power to lead us into a new era – one where we produce and consume within the means of One Planet.  This is the only way forward which can protect our natural resources whilst securing economic stability and jobs. And it is those MEPs who are successful in the elections who will have the power to vote on key issues that can make this transformation a reality. European voters need parliamentarians who can listen to their concerns and represent their interests. Environmental protection has been a longstanding interest of the European Parliament precisely because it is a subject that connects voter concerns to the EU.

It’s pledge is calling on candidates to commit to a host of environmental issues, including protecting the climate, creating green jobs and ensuring Europe’s natural resource use stays within the planet’s limits.

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