Daily Tck: Day 2 of the Bonn climate change conference

Bonn climate change conference

Creative Commons: UNFCCC, 2014

Day 2, Bonn Climate Change Conference

Ministers joined the party in Bonn today, with the first of two high-level meetings kicking off. The event’s stated purpose was to increase the level of ambition in the Kyoto Protocol’s second commitment period.

Sadly, very few developed country parties Kyoto made the trip, missing a huge opportunity to speed climate action and build relationships critical to delivering a 2015 deal. Our partners and friends in YOUNGO refused to let the event’s poor attendance go unnoticed – they staged a massive search effort to find their missing ministers.

The Ministers who did attend the session were adamant about the second commitment period’s essential purpose, citing the climate impacts their countries face and the gap in action needed to keep global warming in check. The scope of tomorrows session moves beyond the Kyoto Protocol, while the goal of advancing pre-2020 ambition remains the same.

Negotiations on the 2015 agreement and finding ways to raise the level of ambition in the near-term moved into the working phase, with a draft text on criteria for countries 2015 climate deal pledges released today. According to the draft, governments will have to reveal their planned greenhouse gas cuts, when their emissions will peak, and any adaptation plans by March 2015.

The climate convention’s subsidiary bodies also moved into their working phases; splitting into focused sessions on the UNFCCC’s ongoing technical work. Among them was the first of three planned workshops on the importance of climate change education, and public awareness, and public participation.

From our Partners

CAN International held a press conference framing the network’s view on what needs to happen during this session and how it fits with the September Climate Leaders Summit, COP20 in Lima and securing a new climate agreement in 2015.

New research from Carbon Tracker has found that slower GDP growth, huge expansion of renewable and non-coal energy, moves to clean up chronic air pollution problems, and water scarcity concerns could see up to 40% of China’s coal generation mothballed by 2020.

Senior legislators from over 100 countries meeting in Mexico for the GLOBE Congress plan topolitically test a new model for an international climate change agreement that has national legislation at its heart. The legislators will debate the principles of what makes good climate legislation on mitigation, adaptation and forests/REDD+ as well as natural capital accounting.

The UK’s Secretary of State for Climate and Energy is among the developed country ministers (not) attending this week’s high-level meetings in Bonn. UKYCC invited him for tea and a sneak preview of what he plans to say Friday.

In the News

Australia’s Prime Minister made headlines today for taking climate change off the G20 agenda.

The Green Climate Fund’s head is on the hunt for $15 Billion by the end of the year.

A group military leaders from around the world warned that climate change is multiplying threats to peace and stability.

The G7 wrapped in Brussels, and their communique on energy security ‘at odds with’ the group’s climate goals


Our Adopt a Negotiator project, IISD, and UKYCC have pictures from today online.

CAN International is posting daily ECO newsletters with reflections and advice from civil society aimed at negotiators.

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