Daily Tck: Day 4 of the Bonn climate change conference

Bonn climate change conference

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Day 4, Bonn climate change conference

Today negotiators continued to meet as a contact group on the “Durban Platform.” That’s UNFCCC-speak for negotiators sitting in a room, fighting it out, and hopefully getting closer to a draft 2015 agreement.

The stated goal for the day was to dig into substance – namely adaptation, but much of the time was spent on procedural issues. After a few countries had the chance to blow off some steam, the Durban Platform train eventually started to roll through adaptation and mitigation discussions as if it was catching up for lost time. Late into the afternoon, there was a small amount of progress as negotiators began to expand on the chair’s text.

In other news, the negotiations on reducing emissions from deforestation (REDD+) have unfortunately stalled, and discussions today were limited largely to the non-carbon benefits of forests. Questions remain over whether the REDD+ work done thus far include the necessary safeguards and guidelines for forest communities.  Today was the first contact group on agriculture, which looks likely to be a critical issue in the 2015 agreement. And negotiators also discussed a planned review of the overall progress made toward achieving the UNFCCC’s long-term global goal.

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The UK Youth Climate Coalition is offering their administrative services free of charge to UK Secretary of State for Climate and Energy Ed Davey’s office.  Davey apparently missed the high-level meetings in Bonn because he didn’t know he was invited.


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