Humanity’s success in overcoming climate change depends on key decisions being made in countries and communities around the world right now: urban development plans, infrastructure investments, policy choices, and a host of other issues being tackled by organisations and community groups every day.

Human activities don’t take place in a bubble – everything affects the world’s climate. The most impactful climate policies are often practical solutions to improve public health, build stronger economies and enhance quality of life in ways that benefit everyone. Organisations that are already tackling these issues have a unique opportunity to advance climate action in tandem with their own mission.

Seasoned in global campaigns, mass mobilisations and strategic communications, GCCA works in partnership with organisations to help them realise the full potential of their work. We build capacity through hands-on support, from strategy through execution, and rally a worldwide network of partners and individual influencers to your cause. By working together we can grow your impact and advance your mission while at the same time accelerating solutions to climate change.


GCCA boosts the effectiveness of diverse organisations whose missions can advance climate action. We focus on win-win opportunities to help achieve a safe climate and improve public health, build stronger economies, and enhance quality of life in ways that benefit everyone. We work with partners at the local and national levels in emerging economies, and on global initiatives.


In 2007, most people around the world hadn’t yet heard of climate change, nor did they know that countries had been negotiating for over a decade to find common ground and sign a global agreement to solve it. That year, GCCA was born out of the realisation that public pressure around the world was needed in order to help push nations to agree to a viable plan.

In 2009, GCCA and its member organisations mobilised millions of people around the world in the run-up to the Copenhagen UN climate summit through the tcktcktck campaign. GCCA’s leadership role as catalyst, connector and facilitator continued through the 2015 Paris UN climate conference. Since then, as a silent partner, we have helped a community of over 470 climate campaigning organisations activate their supporters and align, aggregate and amplify their work.

Now, the Paris Agreement that includes all nations has been signed and the world has woken-up to the reality that is climate change – but we’re still a long way from overcoming the threat.

A historic shift is already underway as communities around the globe race to transform the ways they power their lives, use energy, and protect themselves from climate impacts. Effective and affordable solutions exist, but they need to be applied and scaled… quickly. We all have a stake in the shift…and we all can contribute to the solution.


Collectively the GCCA team brings together decades of experience working across all aspects of climate change, including policy and research, campaigning and communications. They are dedicated to using this experience to expand the climate movement, and help new voices to join the debate.


GCCA’s work is made possible by the generous support of philanthropic donors from around the world who share our commitment to a just and sustainable world made possible through urgent action on climate change. Since 2012, GCCA has been funded through grants from:
  • ClimateWorks Foundation
  • Compton Foundation
  • European Climate Foundation
  • Foundation of Prince Albert II of Monaco
  • Government of France
  • Instituto Arapyaú
  • Instituto Ekos Brasil
  • International Policy and Politics Initiative (IPPI)
  • Kendeda Foundation
  • The Minor Foundation for Major Challenges
  • Oak Foundation
  • Purpose
  • Government of Québec
  • The Rockefeller Foundation
  • Stichting Global Climate Action
  • UNFCCC Secretariat
  • The VK Rasmussen Foundation