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26 May 2016

Pressure mounts on Sweden to ditch Vattenfall coal sale

Pressure is mounting on the Swedish government to halt the sale of its German lignite mines, with a ‘special’ debate on the issue kicking off in the country’s Parliament.

18 Apr 2016

Swedish government under pressure to end Vattenfall’s ‘dirty’ coal deal

The Swedish government is in the spotlight today with calls for it to stop state-owned Vattenfall’s “dirty deal” to sell its German lignite – or brown coal – assets.

22 Mar 2016

Germany on the brink of 95% emission reductions target

Germany could soon be a step closer to implementing the December’s historic Paris climate agreement with reports it is mulling a target to reduce emissions 95 per cent on 1990 levels by 2050.

14 Sep 2015

Coal burning costs UK between £2.5bn and 7bn from premature deaths

New research shows that deaths caused by coal emissions cost the UK economy between £2.47 – £7.15bn in 2013 – adding weight to calls on the country’s government to take a more proactive strategy to phase out coal.

20 Aug 2015

Merkel’s visit to Brazil can be a milestone on the path to clean energy

Two powerful women, the leaders of the largest economies in Europe and Latin America, could add further clout to the transition to a low carbon world.

02 Jul 2015

Germany drops coal levy but will close most polluting plants

Germany has cast a shadow on its reputation as a climate leader by today deciding to abandon its ‘coal levy’ in favour of a less ambitious plan.

27 Apr 2015

Thousands join hands in Germany to call for an end of coal

Standing together took on a whole new meaning this weekend, as 6,000 people from across three continents formed a 7.5km long Human Chain in Germany’s Rheinland as part of the largest anti-coal protest the region has ever seen.

24 Apr 2015

Citizens call for end of coal as support for Germany’s climate plans grows

All eyes are on Germany this weekend, as the fight for a renewable energy future reaches a peak and sees crowds of concerned citizens gather to oppose coal and to call for a just energy transition.

24 Feb 2015

Berlin to exit coal by 2020

The German capital of Berlin plans to shut its four remaining coal-fired power plant by 2020, according to reports from national newspaper Die Welt.

21 Feb 2015

Indigenous communities face growing displacement through ‘land grabs’

In the last decade, an increasing number of aboriginal people have been displaced as large companies push onto traditional territories to extract resources, a UN specialist on indigenous people’s rights said. In conversation with the Thomson Reuters Foundation during a UN conference on aboriginal people and agricultural financing, Victoria Tauli-Corpuz, UN Special Rapporteur on the Rights of Indigenous People’s, said: A lot of money is going into (land) speculation; this has worsened the situation. Huge plantations are encroaching on indigenous land; […]