Our partner organizations are focused on socio-economic issues in emerging economies and have already launched successful programs and are ready to grow. While their mission may not focus on climate change, they are interested in using their work as a win-win solution for both.

Action for clean, safe air

For years, doctors have been sounding alarms about the health risks of air pollution – just as they did with tobacco. Air pollution is now a global health crisis, and children and elderly people are especially vulnerable. But, unlike smoking, people cannot simply choose to stop breathing. Face masks are ineffective or inadequate responses given the scale of the challenge. The solutions that lead to better human and planetary health are much bigger, and they can start in our communities. GCCA is collaborating with the Global Climate and Health Alliance (GCHA) and its partners to amplify the call for clean air by health professionals in cities around the world.


GCCA collaborated with the Global Catholic Climate Movement to amplify pro-climate messages during a period bookended by two major Catholic events: the one-year anniversary of Pope Francis’ “Climate Encyclical, Laudato Si on June 18th, and the World Youth Day festival in Poland during the last week of July. GCCA was instrumental in building out a digital presence, Op-ed placements and delivering a successful social media strategy to highlight and amplify the Pope’s call to #LiveLaudatoSi.


As a result of targeted, personalised outreach to both health-related organisations and individual health professionals through GCCA partner, the Global Climate and Health Alliance (GCHA), and The Tree network, GCCA helped achieve signatures by 82 organizations from 30 countries, representing more than 300,000 doctors, nurses and public health professionals and public health advocates on a global statement calling for G7 nations to play leadership roles in the global transition away from coal-fired electricity generation.


GCCA amplified the climate community’s story through the spoken word talents of Kathy Jetnil Kijiner and eight other young spoken word artists around Paris / COP21. This ‘Spoken Word for the World’ project resulted in 40+ live performances for audiences in Paris, 20+ on-line videos, coverage in more than 25 major international media outlets, and hundreds of on- and off-line viewers / listeners. As just one example of the impact, approximately 800,000 people listened to Kathy’s poem, ‘Tell Them,’ on the Living on Earth radio program in the United States as a result of the project. Listen here.


GCCA played a key role as catalyst, connector, facilitator and voice box for the September 2014 People’s Climate March in NYC by leveraging the strengths of our partner organisations. GCCA played a seminal role in launching the idea for a major, “big tent” climate march. We collaborated effectively with CAN and many others to ensure that activities during the CLS successfully communicated a sense of global momentum. GCCA’s collaboration with Avaaz ensured the CLS opening ceremony benefitted from Kathy-Jetnil Kijiner’s powerful performance, which helped connect the event emotionally with over 200,000 people outside the hall and tell truth to power. Goto site


One of GCCA’s most successful programs, Adopt-a-Negotiator sends teams of young “trackers” to attend the UN climate talks and other international processes, and carefully follow and report on the negotiators from their respective countries. The initiative leveraged the passion and energy of 750 young communicators from 72 countries, who published more than 600 stories in 13 languages. Go to Site

Arab Youth Climate Movement

In collaboration with CAN International, IndyACT and, the GCCA worked with a select group of youth leaders in the Arab region in the lead-up to the UN climate conference in Doha in YEAR. Out of a series of workshops and trainings, the Arab Youth Climate Movement quickly sprang to life, running a regional action day across Arab countries before COP18 and conducting the first-ever public march in Qatar. Go to site

Date with History

In the lead-up to the Rio+20 Earth Summit, the GCCA, with the support of the Rockefeller Foundation, NRDC and ClimateNexus, launched a video challenge in four languages asking young people from around the world this question: “If you had two minutes to address the world’s leaders, what would you say?” With over 80,000 votes cast the winner was Brittany Trilford, a 17-year old student from New Zealand. Brittany’s speech was considered by many to be the highlight of the Rio+20 Summit, receiving major media coverage around the world and reaching over 40 million people on Facebook alone. Go to Site

Speaking at the UN Climate Leaders Summit
Marshallese poet Kathy Jetnil-Kijiner speaks on behalf of civil society during the opening ceremony of the UN Climate Leaders Summit in New York City.