climate action

Young people protest on the Polish borders. Courtesy of: The Future

Young people living on Poland’s borders have joined together to perform a silent protests against the government’s attempts to block progress towards the EU’s 2030 climate and energy package.
The protests in Germany, the Czech Republic, Sweden, Slovakia and Belarus coincided with an EU ministers summit in Brussels at which the package will be discussed.
Everyone involved wore the Future’s symbol: a circle around their eye.
This symbol aims to represent victimhood (a young people are the victim of the previous generation’s failure to halt climate change); tribalism (as the new group rising up to fight climate change); and surveillance (a symbol that young people are watching their politicians actions).
climate action

All of the protesters wore the Future’s symbol: a circle around the eye. Courtesy of: The Future

The young people involved all believe the future is under threat from climate change and are expressing their anger at the EU’s lack of leadership on the issues – in particular the Polish government’s attempts to further undermine the process.
Poland has been a key voice calling for a decision on the proposals to be delayed until other countries outside the EU have set out their plans for emissions reductions as part of a global climate deal due in 2015.
This attitude is short-sighted given that the majority of Poles support the proposed 40% cut in greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 and more renewable energy to save them from energy dependency on Russia.
Today’s protesters join a growing chorus of dissent demanding that the EU turns its back on dirty fossil fuels and embraces a low carbon future.
Green NGOsenergy efficiency advocatesthe influential elderscities and progressive businesses are all calling for EU governments to take climate action and demand deeper and faster emissions cuts.