climate change legislation

The Czech government has confirmed plans to draft legislation aimed at reducing the country’s dependence on fossil fuels. Creative Commons: 2014

The Czech Republic could soon join the ranks of countries around the world cementing climate change action into law as the government confirmed plans to draft legislation.
The country joins other EU member states including the UK, Finland, Denmark and Ireland and countries around the world including South Korea, Mexico and Vietnam in planning national climate laws.
Listing the legislation as among its top priorities for the next 12 months, the social democrat led government cited reducing the country’s fossil fuel dependence as the main reason behind the plan.
According to reports from Ends Europe, the government has not yet decided on the structure of the legislation and whether it would include an emissions reduction target – or a similar goal – are still to be debated.
A spokesperson for the environment ministry – the government department behind the project – said the government would update its national energy and mineral resources policies before proceeding with the so-called “anti-fossil fuel” law.
Local green groups have welcomed the move, with Friends of the Earth calling on the government to implement carbon budgets into the legislation, like those currently included under the UK’s Climate Change Act.
The group also called for the law to include a commitment to reduce emissions by 2% annually.