Pressure grows for ambitious climate action ahead of Paris

ambitious climate action

US President Obama is kicking off a week-long climate change blitz. Creative Commons: The US Army, 2009

The call for governments to forge an ambitious climate action plan in Paris in December is growing.

From business to hospitals, from academics to faith groups, people and industries around the world are calling for action to keep global warming below 2C.

Last Friday, big business came out in support of a deal that will limit global warming to 2 degrees Celsius, with over 40 CEOs from leading companies signing a letter urging “bold action.”

The letter recognized the private sector’s responsibility in reducing emissions and helping to lead the global energy transition, but Oxfam argues that companies could go further in addressing their own climate change footprints.

The NGO recommends they establish science-based reduction targets, adopt internal carbon prices, commit to 100% renewable electricity goals, and implement adaptation strategies across their value chains.

The healthcare system is also pushing for steps to stop global warming and pledging to play its part, with Kaiser Permanente and eight other leading healthcare institutions promising “meaningful action” on climate change.

The Pope too is upping the stakes, announcing that the Vatican will host a conference on climate change later this month at which leading researchers on global warming and UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon will focus on “elevating the debate on the moral dimensions of protecting the environment.”

And there are signs that leaders are listening to these calls to action.

A new report from the G7 group of countries acknowledges the dangers of climate change.

The group of G7 foreign ministers acknowledge that climate change is “among the most serious” security threats facing the world and must be integrated into foreign policy.

Meanwhile, France has just endorsed an eight-nation call for fossil fuel reform ahead of the UN conference,

And, President Obama is also speaking out, kicking off a week-long climate change blitz promoting his efforts to cut carbon pollution.

The week will be anchored by a major speech on climate change set to be delivered in the Florida Everglades—one of America’s iconic places most at risk from climate change.

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