New zero carbon university course to equip students to tackle climate change

zero carbon university course

University of Edinburgh. Creative Commons: 2012

Students could soon be leaving university fully equipped to tackle climate change, as new degree programme aims to be the greenest course available.

The MSc Carbon Management course at the University of Edinburgh aims to provide students with world class learning through lesson that no carbon footprint.

It aims to equip students with the knowledge, skills and training the the business, economics and science of climate change.

The virtual delivery of lessons means there will be no greenhouse gas emissions generated by student travelling to classes, while those from the computers used by staff and students will be offset to cut the course’s carbon impact to zero.

Taught by world experts in climate change and carbon management, the three-year course aims to breed the next generation of consultants, researchers and policy advisors.

Professor Dave Reay of the University of Edinburgh’s School of GeoSciences, who is Programme Director for the online MSc, said:

Businesses, industries and governments together have the power to tackle climate change. Skilled graduates who understand how to make decisions that are good for society and good for the environment can help make rapid and effective progress on this globally important issue. We hope this degree can have a positive impact on the environment from day one.

Emissions are calculated using methodology published in the journal Carbon Management in 2011. Carbon offsets are bought from the Edinburgh charity Plan Vivo Foundation.

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