Climate change named top global threat

top global threat

Creative Commons: Dawn Ellner, 2008

Climate change has been named as the world’s top global threat, with countries in Latin America and Africa particularly concerned by the issue.

In new research conducted by the Pew Research Center, the majority of people in 19 countries quizzed put climate change as their number one threat, followed by global economic instability and the Islamic State militant group (Isis).

The survey, released in advance of the UN climate talks taking place in Paris this December, questions more than 45,000 respondents, in 40 countries, in an attempt to measure perceptions of global threats.

Results differed between regions, with the US, Australia and UK all labelling Isis as the biggest threat, with 68%, 69% and 66% (respectively) saying they were very concern with the issue.

It was also considered the biggest threat for those in Lebanon, with 84%, saying they were very concerned.


Meanwhile, climate change featured much more prominently in climate vulnerable countries.

In Latin America an average of 61% of people said they were very concerned about climate change, with highs of 75% seen in Brazil and Peru.

Sub-saharan Africa also voiced substantial concerns about climate change – with an average 59% of people saying they were very concerned.

Climate change is particularly worrying in Burkina Faso (79%), Uganda (74%) and Ghana (71%), while South Africans (47%) and Tanzanians (49%) are the least concerned.

Similarly in Asia, an average 41% of people voiced great concern about the issue, including in India (73%) and the Philippines (72%).

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