Trinidad and Tobago joins countries submitting climate pledges

Trinidad and Tobago

Creative Commons: Vero Villa, 2015

The Caribbean island nation of Trinidad and Tobago has become the 52nd country to announce its climate action plan, pledging to reduce emissions 15% across transport, energy and heavy industry by 2030.

The reductions – measured against a business as usual scenario – would be met through a 30% cut in public transport emissions and a shift from gas power to renewables, according to the country’s submission to the UN.

The pledge – also known as its Intended Nationally Determined Contribution (or INDC) – would cost the country $2 billion, delivered in part by the government and in part through international support.

The 52nd country pledge ahead of the UN climate talks in Paris this December, where all nations are expected to sign a global deal to tackle climate change, Trinidad and Tobago was quickly followed by Benin, the fifth African country to submit its pledge.

The country’s pledge will see it avoid between 20 million tonnes and 163 million tonnes of CO2 equivalent between 2020 and 2030, compared to business as usual.

Of this pledge, five million tonne would be avoid in the energy sector and 115 million tonnes from land and forests.

The plan would cost $30 million, of which $2 million would come from the government of Benin, according to the country’s submission.

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