Parents, grandparents and families demand climate action

families demand climate action

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Parents, grandparents and families from across the world are joining forces to demand strong climate change action in order to protect children and future generations.

The Our Kids’ Climate coalition, which brings together groups representing 800,000 parents, says:

“Handing over a better world to the next generation is our moral responsibility” and “a matter of justice for children everywhere.”

Lisa Hoyos, mother of two children and director and co-founder of Climate Parents US said:

As parents, it’s our job to keep our kids safe, and climate change is putting our kids in harm’s way. Parents and families have an essential role to play in pushing governments and corporations to quickly implement the clean energy and climate solutions our children and future generations are counting on.

Scientific and medical research shows children are far more physically and mentally vulnerable to the impacts and causes of climate change, and they are already suffering unnecessarily.

With smaller, weaker bodies and developing lungs and immune systems, children are particularly at risk of getting asthma linked to air pollution, not to mention the virulent diseases and other multiple health impacts of climate change.

They are less resilient to the high temperatures, food shortages and extreme weather events that can be triggered by global warming.

Government pollution plans so far will flatten the global warming curve, but we are still on track for a dangerous 2.7DegC temperature rise by 2100 unless ambition increases.

Delaying emissions-reducing action leaves our children to try and survive in an unsafe” world where security is put at risk by climate change.

Frida Berry Eklund, mother of two children and one of the founding members of Our Kids’ Climate and Parents Roar Sweden said:

There are a huge number of parents and grandparents who are desperately worried about what kind of world our children and grandchildren will inherit, but their voice is missing from the climate debate. Our Kids’ Climate aims to change that. We gather all parents, grandparents and families that are ready to do something together in order for our kids to have a safe, healthy and fair future.

In a petition to be handed to UN negotiators ahead of the Paris climate summit in under 50 days’ time, the Our Kids’ Climate coalition calls on governments to reach a deal to “keep global temperature rise at safe levels, and ensure a world powered by 100% clean energy with net zero greenhouse gas emissions.”

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