COMPETITION: Spoken Word for the World

Spoken Word for the World

Are you a poet? Are you looking to inspire people with your art? Are you passionate about tackling the climate crisis?

Then this competition could be for you.

This year, the Global Call for Climate Action (GCCA) is looking to uncover the world’s most passionate spoken word artists who want to create poetry that aims to change the world.

In the run up to the UN climate talks in Paris this December, the Spoken Word for the World competition is on the search for passionate poetry to trigger the change we need.

We spoke to the GCCA’s Chris Wright to find out more about the competition.

What is the Spoken Word for the World competition?

It is a global, multi-lingual poetry competition to find the world’s most powerful spoken word poets who are ready to inspire the world to take action on Climate change. For a long time I have known that spoken word poets can inspire people through their words. Last year we saw Kathy Jetnil-Kijiner rock negotiators to tears at the UN. This time, we’re searching for the next powerful poet from around the world.

All they have to do is send in a video of their poetry to our YouTube channel by October 10.

Why poetry? What role can poets play in tackling the climate crisis?

Poets inspire. Poets challenge. They connect their words to the innermost vulnerabilities we all feel and make us not only see a new way of being in the world, but feel it.

That’s why I believe the climate crisis needs poets to inspire us all to reconnect with those innermost vulnerabilities, and transform them into action.

What kind of issues should/could these poems focus on?

The impacts. The solutions. The real life stories. The pain and passion of living in a world of Climate Change.

We saw last year, Kathy’s poem was a moving portrayal of the impacts currently facing the Marshall Islands. Why not write about the impacts currently facing your country, city or village.

Maybe you could focus on possible solutions. Maybe you could do both.

We are really opening it up to the “poetic license” of each poet. But the key thing is, we don’t need another science lecture, we need poetry. We need passion.

What will happen to the poems selected for the competition?

For those selected, we will then be giving them a big funding boost to make their video into a beautiful, moving account of their poem.

We are then hoping to link them up to some of the leading climate campaigners around the world, and turn their poem into an awesome opportunity to raise more awareness of the critical need for the world’s leaders to do more to combat climate change in the lead up to the UN climate talks in Paris this December (COP21).

Finally, for those who make the best video, with the biggest impact in their country, we’ll be bringing them to Paris to perform at some of the biggest events during COP21.

How can people get involved?

To get involved, check out our website or our Facebook page, subscribe to receive our updates, and submit your video to our YouTube channel by October 10.

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