Daily Tck: Day 6 of the Paris Climate Change Conference

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Courtesy of: Emma Cassidy | Project Survival Media, 2015

Courtesy of: Emma Cassidy | Project Survival Media, 2015

  • Draft Paris agreement forwarded to Ministers to resolve remaining issues and ultimately secure a new global climate agreement
  • Breaking with tradition, French COP President to begin higher-level negotiating sessions on Sunday afternoon
  • Outside of Le Bourget, health leaders from around the world gather for Climate and Health Summit, warning that world’s health hinges on a fossil free future

The years-long working group that hosted negotiations toward a new global climate agreement – ‘the ADP,’ as it’s been known colloquially –  closed on Saturday afternoon; passing the remaining work on to Ministers under the leadership of the French COP President.

The text being handed to ministers is largely unchanged since Thursday, with progress on sections covering Loss and Damage, Pre-2020 climate action, and on the margins of other issues key issues like the cycles of ambition, the long-term goal, transparency, finance and adaptation. Unresolved cross-cutting issues like how much climate finance will be available to support implementation and when, as well as how countries capacities and responsibilities are defined, continue to hold back more meaningful progress.

OPEC countries Saudi Arabia and Venezuela stood out for their efforts to water down the long-term goal. Both earned the (dis)honor of civil society’s Fossil of the Day award Saturday for opposing ‘decarbonization’ in a crucial contact group. Venezuela and Saudi Arabia seem to be reluctant to do anything that might endanger their oil profits. Venezuela doubled down on low ambition when their head of delegation, Claudia Salerno, criticized the long-term goal, calling it ‘a slogan’ in a press conference.

Governments reiterated their priorities during the COP’s first plenary session on the new text Saturday evening. Our Climate Trackers published infographics on both the new text and country’s comments during the evening plenary.

While Sunday has traditionally been a day for bilateral and coordination meetings, France will host negotiations on Sunday evening, diving right into the draft agreement.

News, links & useful grist that caught our eye

Outside of the COP, our attention was focused on a relatively new but quickly growing entrant to the climate space – the health sector. Calls to action representing more than 1,700 health organizations and over 13 million doctors, nurses and other health professionals are urging governments to reach a strong agreement that protects the health of patients and the public.

Paris played host to the Climate and Health Summit Saturday, where health sector leaders – backed by the calls from millions of doctors and nurses – turned to governments to urge a strong Paris agreement that accelerates the transition to 100% renewable energy, in order to best protect the health of their citizens across the world. Over 8,200 hospitals and health centers in 16 countries have pledged concrete climate action, and numerous doctors and health workers attending the Paris climate summit came together yesterday to share success storiesof carbon-reducing and awareness-raising actions already carried out. The Tree put out an incredibly rich Alert with more.


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