Daily Tck: Day 10 of the Paris Climate Change Conference

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Paris climate conference

Courtesy of: Joel Lukhovi | Survival Media Agency, 2015

  • Steam-lined text released Wednesday, retaining options for a credible pathway to 1.5ºC
  • US to double grant-based support for adaptation in developing country’s by 2020
  • Ministers work through the night with a new draft due out early Thursdayafternoon

The movement for a strong Paris outcome is gathering support from across the spectrum as the climate summit enters its last few days. Civil society groups, including trade unionists, youth, gender, and Indigenous peoples united today for a sit-in inside the summit venue, calling for an ambitious Paris deal that delivers on emissions reductions as well as finance and support for the most vulnerable and justice for impacted people.

A new text was released on Wednesday afternoon. The latest draft contains options that could anchor the majority of countries’ calls for limiting climate change to 1.5ºC and options for a credible pathway to deliver – speeding the renewable energy revolution, scaling-up ambition, climate finance and climate resilience over time – are still on the table.

Many of our partners commented, calling on countries to choose the strongest possible options in COP21’s final hours. Mohamed Adow, Senior Climate Advisor, Christian Aid said:

“The next 24 hours are critical. This is where the real negotiations will begin. We really need countries to fight to keep in the high ambition options on climate finance, the long term decarbonisation goal and a ratchet mechanism to ensure the agreement evolves to meet the needs of a changing world.”

With lots of work ahead, COP President Laurent Fabius announced that parties would work through the night and release a new draft early Thursday afternoon.

News, links & useful grist that caught our eye

In Paris, the US announced plans to double its grant based climate finance for adaptation by 2020, encouraging other countries to follow suit. According to The Hill, back in Washington, President Obama is working the phones. He’s called a number of heads of state, including Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, on Tuesday to discuss the progress.

IndyACT called out the continued obstruction of Saudi Arabia in an advertisement inWednesday’s Financial Times, making the case that “it is in the economic interest of Saudi Arabia to diversify its economy, and reduce its dependence on the fossil fuel trade. Any shock in the energy market, such as the current low oil prices, will heavily impact the Saudi’s economy.”

In addition to the sit-in that brought together civil society from across the spectrum, a number of additional actions added pressure for a fair and ambitious Paris outcome. Survival Media has pictures of the house-sized polar bear Greenpeace dragged into Le Bourget to support their call for ‘Climate Action Now.’ and a ‘Fossil Free Culture’ action at the Louvre Museum.

Today’s Fossil of the Day award went to Argentina and Australia. Both countries are supportive of the 1.5ºC degree goal – which is a good thing. Unfortunately, both governments have played a different game on the domestic front – making moves Tuesday in support of their respective coal industries.


Our Tree Team has a new alert summarizing some of the latest updates and coverage from Paris, and a slew of quotes from our partners and peers reacting to the new draft agreement and other developments from Wednesday.

Our Climate Trackers are rolling out incredible infographics to illustrate changes in the text andcountries’ reactions to updates.  Our Trackers also held out hope in the fight for including Human Rights in the Paris agreement. Keep watch for more updates from the trackers as the clock ‘tck’s down. Our Paris Tracker team is also writing for newspapers around the world. You can find some of those stories via their twitter group.

It’s been another busy day for the Green TV team too, who also joined today’s Aurora (the Polar Bear) action and the latest Fossil of the Day Award, as well as pulling together this great round-up of the role art and imagery has played at the Paris climate talks.

Four Pacific Islander spoken word poets, attending the UN climate summit as winners of the Spoken Word for the World competition, are featured by NBCNews today, highlighting the role their art could play in raising awareness of climate change.

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