UK fracking fight heats up as Lancashire appeal begins

uk fracking

Creative Commons: Nicholas A. Tonelli, 2012

The debate around the UK’s fledgling fracking industry is once again raging today as planning inspectors begin to hear Cuadrilla’s appeal against the rejection of its plans for exploratory drilling in West Lancashire.

The industry was dealt a major blow last June, when Lancashire council voted against Cuadrilla’s bid to drill for shale gas. But the council’s resolve is now under threat as a public inquiry could see the its decision overruled.

Such a decision would set a dangerous precedent for other fracking fights, fly in the face of intense local opposition to the controversial process and risk huge environmental and health impacts.

And as dirty energy companies find themselves falling victim to a volatile market, with prospects looking increasingly bleak, the UK government’s continued pursuit of fracking at all costs would also see the country locked into risky fossil fuels at a time when much of the world is already transitioning towards a 100 per cent renewable future.

Key Points

  • Local opposition to fracking is formidable, and so is support for renewables. Opposition to fracking continues to outstrip support,according to the government’s latest attitudes survey, and the greater people understand the controversial process the less they like it. Meanwhile 78 per cent of the public are in favour of renewables, such as wind and solar, with just four per cent showing opposition.

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