EU Commission’s energy security plan ‘blind to renewables’

EU Commission's energy security plan

Creative Commons: European Parliament, 2013

In the first test for Europe’s energy policy since the Paris climate summit, the EU Commission is accused of being ‘blind to renewables’ after it, today, released an energy security proposal which could lock Europe into decades of fossil fuel use.

Ignoring falling demand for gas, and the role of renewable energy and energy efficiency in decarbonising the economy and securing supply, this release continues to shackle Europe to gas projects that could be rendered worthless in a carbon-constrained world.

As the EU takes stock of what the Paris climate agreement means for Europe, pressure is on for it to live up to the ambitious promises delivered in the French capital by strengthening its 2030 target and putting in place robust criteria for moving away from fossil fuels – including gas – and towards a 100 per cent renewable future.

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