EU under fire for ignoring Paris and backing gas

backing gas

Creative Commons: Matt Buck, 2009

As the European Commission is accused of “pretending Paris didn’t happen”, new analysis warns the continent could waste up to €11.4 billion if it does not wake up to the risk of continued gas investment.

While Europe continues to tout new gas infrastructure, and support it through the use of EU funds, demand for gas is falling and at most, just a handful of new targeted projects will be needed to secure supply, warns the analysis.

It comes as the EU is back in the spotlight over climate action, following the Commission’s failure to recommend a review of the bloc’s 2030 targets in light of the ambitious promises delivered in the French capital.

Amidst renewed calls for robust climate policies that are “coherent with Paris’ goals”, the EU will be expected to speed up its move away from fossil fuels – including gas – and towards a 100 per cent renewable future.

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