Another climate warning: February smashes heat records

February smashes heat records

Anomalies in surface temperature across the globe for February 2016. Source: NASA/GISS.

The world’s recent run of record-breaking temperatures continued into February, smashing previous monthly records by an unprecedented amount.

New data from NASA shows global surface temperatures across land and ocean were 1.35DegC above the February average – based on a 1951-1980 baseline.

2016 is already forecast to be the hottest year on record, and as extreme weather events continue to hit communities across the globe, scientists are becoming more certain than ever of human’s role in increasing the magnitude and probability of many of these climate change-related events.

Coming just weeks before governments meet in New York, where they are expected to sign the landmark climate agreement reached in Paris last December, these latest findings offer yet another stark warning of the urgency to turn their Paris pledges into definitive actions.

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