Countries urged to turn Paris promises into action, ratify swiftly

Paris promises

Creative Commons: UNFCCC, 2015

As many nations make calls for the swift ratification of the Paris Agreement, the profound impacts of climate change is hitting home, 2016 is forecast to be the hottest on record and more extreme weather events hit across the globe.

55 countries – representing 55 per cent of global emissions – need to ratify the agreement for it to formally take effect, and early support is in countries’ interest according to a UN aid.

Failing to ratify could leave countries out in the cold when it comes to deciding just how the new agreement will work, potentially putting them at a diplomatic and economic disadvantage.

As over 130 countries prepare to head to New York for the biggest ever UN signing ceremony – a symbolic first step towards fully implementing the agreement – calls are growing for countries to urgently adopt the deal and enact national laws and policies in line with the rapid global decarbonisation and the 1.5DegC temperature limit agreed in Paris.

Key Points

  • Delivering on Paris means turning promises into action. Four small island states have already passed laws in support of the Agreement and countries from China to Germany and the UK are examining new legislation to take them closer to their Paris pledges. The sooner all governments move towards implementation and action the sooner they will embark on their collective abandonment of dirty energy.

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