UK coal battle heads to Wales as fossil fuel fight goes global

UK coal battle

Courtesy of: Reclaim the Power, 2016

In yet another call for the UK government to end its love affair with coal, hundreds of protesters have today shut down the UK’s largest opencast coal mine in Ffos-y-fran, South Wales.

The UK has pledged to end coal use by 2025, but by continuing to dig up the brown stuff it will still have a hand in driving global temperatures over 2DegC of warming.

Today’s protest calls on the government to ensure all UK coal is kept in the ground by closing its mines, and supports a local campaign to prevent new coal mines at Nant Llesg.

Coal is in crisis and last week the Aberthaw power station – which uses 95 per cent of the coal mined at Ffos-y-fran – announced it is scaling back operations, another sign the era of UK coal is coming to an end.

With collapsing fossil fuel prices, company bankruptcies and massive divestments, there have never been a better moment to break free from dirty energy and today’s action is the beginning of a global wave of civil disobedience calling for a 100 per cent renewable future.

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