Global renewables boom, but is Europe reaping the benefits?

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Creative Commons: Activ Solar, 2013

Renewable energy is booming as 2015 saw new sources coming online at a faster rate than ever.

Last year investment in clean energy was double that of new coal and gas plants, 173 countries now have renewable power targets, and over 8 million people are working in the industry, according to REN 21’s latest Renewables Global Status report.

With the huge employment, health and climate benefits of the clean energy transition, it is little wonder countries continue to focus in on renewables even as fossil fuels prices hit “historic lows”.

But with clean energy investment in Europe plummeting 21 per cent last year, and continued policy uncertainty, the region is teetering on the edge and could risk falling behind in the global race for clean energy and missing out on all that it has to offer.

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