Brexit costs to be counted in health & climate impacts

Europe's task

Creative Commons: European Parliament, 2013

The UK public will head to the polls next week, in a “climate referendum” that could see it turn its back on decades of progress on environmental issues, including climate change and air pollution.

With UK ministers at the forefront of lobbying efforts in Brussels against stronger air pollution measures, a new poll of environment professionals warns an exit from Europe could see the UK fail to tackle its own air pollution crisis – already responsible for 40,000 early deaths a year.

It follows a host of similar calls from influential voices from politics, business and civil society warning an exit from Europe could have on a wide range of environmental issues.

As the European Commission and member states move forward to ratify the Paris Agreement, and as its citizens call for strong action to limit warming below the agreed 1.5DegC limit, these voices warn by leaving Europe, the UK would also undermine its ability to effectively tackle climate change, and further hit it’s already struggling renewables industry.

Key Points

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