Category : Africa & Middle East

12 May 2016

Searing heat may spark climate exodus

Temperatures in the Middle East and North Africa could reach unbearably high levels that would make some regions uninhabitable and increase the pressures of climate refugees.

13 Apr 2016

Call for Saudis to be a solar power

Saudi Arabia says it plans to be less dependent on oil revenues in future – but will it grasp the opportunity to become a world leader in solar energy?

05 Feb 2016

Morocco: First phase of world’s largest solar farm now in operation

Morocco’s king has switched on the first phase of what is set to become the world’s largest concentrated solar power (CSP) plant, providing electricity for 1.1 million people.

10 Aug 2015

Trinidad and Tobago joins countries submitting climate pledges

The Caribbean island nation of Trinidad and Tobago has become the 52nd country to announce its climate action plan, quickly followed by the African nation of Benin.

04 May 2015

Dip in Tanzanian coffee harvest pushes industry to a tipping point

As temperatures climb, the Tanzanian coffee industry is being hit hard due to low production.

01 May 2015

UN: Climate Vulnerable Forum urges for strengthening of 2C goal

The group of 20 states most vulnerable to climate change highlights risks posed by climate change as well as the recent uptake of low-carbon technology

27 Mar 2015

VIDEO: Green energy for the giant of Africa

Nigeria is both the biggest oil producer but with so much of the population still living in darkness, many are now looking to the alternatives. Damon van der Linde reports.

13 Mar 2015

African ministers seek “critical” amendment to global warming target during Paris climate talks

African leaders are calling on wealthy nations to keep temperatures below 1.5 degrees instead of 2 degrees C during upcoming UN Paris climate meetings.

16 Feb 2015

High-emitting gas flaring practice under fire in Nigeria

Routine gas flaring, an activity that occurs at oil production sites, emits the equivalent in emissions from 70 million cars around the world.

13 Feb 2015

South Africa: Women stand their ground against Big Coal

A growing number of female activists unite regionally and internationally to fight against poor working and living conditions in industrial areas