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09 Feb 2017

Air pollution deaths exposed as cities step up to save lives

India and China’s continued use of coal is causing an additional 1.6 million deaths per year, and both nations are failing to reduce air pollution-related despite rising GDP, says a new report from Greenpeace. India has in fact overtaken China in deaths caused by outdoor air pollution, with an average of 3,283 premature deaths per day compared to 3,233 per day in China. This news comes as coal companies shirk their responsibility to protect workers from the rising spectre of […]

08 Jun 2016

New India-US partnership sends “jolt of momentum” to global climate deal

The US and India have signalled their intent to “forge ahead” with climate action, driving the world closer towards meeting its landmark climate agreement.

19 May 2016

300,000+ public health professionals call on G7 to speed clean energy shift

More than 300,000 doctors, nurses, public health professionals and health advocates from 30 countries are calling on the world’s seven largest economies to accelerate the transition away from coal to save lives ahead of this month’s high level G7 meeting in Japan.

25 Apr 2016

Climate brings hard times for tea yields

Research in China shows that the changing monsoon pattern in East Asia and heavier rainfall is having a detrimental effect on the yield and quality of tea.

29 Mar 2016

Asia loses its appetite for coal

Many hundreds of planned coal-fired power plants in Asia will probably be shelved as economies slow and climate change and air pollution worsen.

01 Mar 2016

Bleak outlook for coal as China befriends renewables

China’s transition towards a renewable energy future is picking up pace, as the country recorded an historic fall in coal consumption in 2015

22 Feb 2016

Fall in rain hits Southeast Asia food yields

Changing climate and weather are creating severe problems for some of the world’s largest producers of rice and other major agricultural crops.

09 Feb 2016

Japan green lights new, soon to be stranded, coal assets

Japan has missed the memo about the dire economic and climate risks of fossil fuels, with its Ministry of the Environment taking a u-turn and preparing to ease its opposition to new coal power plants.

07 Dec 2015

Deforestation emissions could be halved by 2020, researchers say

Emissions from tropical deforestation could be reduced by 50% in the next five years, according to new research

04 Nov 2015

Indonesian fires a “crime against humanity”, nature, and the global climate

A man-made firestorm continues to burn across Indonesia, putting the country on track to emit more carbon than the UK’s entire annual output, and pushing it up the list from the world’s sixth largest emitter to fourth in a matter of weeks.