Category : Australasia/Pacific

23 Jun 2016

Climate’s coral killers move in swiftly

Worst-ever bleaching event affects 93 percent of the Great Barrier Reef as rising temperatures and sea levels bring swift death to vast swathes of colourful corals.

06 Jun 2016

Australia’s ‘stormageddon’ shows glimpse of new normal in warming world

If the brutal bleaching of the Great Barrier Reef was not enough to bring home the need for drastic and urgent action on climate change, this weekend’s wild weather all along the East coast and Tasmania should be.

01 Jun 2016

Australian Govt caught in “Soviet style” scrubbing of climate risks from UN report

The Australian Government resorted to extraordinary “Soviet style” tactics to dodge international scrutiny for the climate impacts threatening its World Heritage Areas including the Great Barrier Reef.

19 May 2016

Cape Grim climate milestone underscores need for urgent action

The burden fossil fuels are putting on the planet is again in the spotlight, as an atmospheric monitoring site in Tasmania’s Cape Grim has recorded carbon dioxide measurements of 400 parts per million (ppm) for the first time.

21 Apr 2016

Climate warning: Coral bleaching hits 93% of Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef is under siege from climate change and coal, with scientists confirming that 93 per cent of the world heritage area is now suffering from severe coral bleaching.

30 Mar 2016

Are Australian taxpayers to fund Adani’s zombie coal project?

With over dozen financial institutions essentially ruling out funding Indian coal conglomerate Adani’s Carmichael mine in Queensland, Australian taxpayers are now being asked to open their wallets for the project.

23 Feb 2016

Cyclone Winston a rallying cry for countries to ratify Paris deal

As Fiji reels from the strongest storm ever recorded in the Southern Hemisphere, leaders from across the globe are faced with yet another rallying cry on the urgency of taking climate action.

22 Feb 2016

BP carbon bomb in Great Australian Bight under spotlight

Disastrous plans from BP, Statoil, and Chevron to drill for oil in the incredibly hostile Great Australian Bight will soon be under the spotlight, with the Australian Senate instigating an inquiry into the AU$1 billion project.

18 Feb 2016

CSIRO climate PR disaster continues with Fair Work challenge

After weeks of domestic and international condemnation of the CSIRO’s sudden and illogical cuts to climate science, the controversy continues to percolate, with staff preparing to launch a Fair Work challenge and Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull being urged to step in and fill a worsening “policy vacuum” when it comes to climate change.

01 Feb 2016

Ashen fingerprints of climate change all over Tasmanian fires

Heavy rain may finally bringing some relief to firefighting efforts in Tasmania, but blazes continue to burn throughout world heritage areas in what has been dubbed a global tragedy.