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26 Feb 2018

UNMASK MY CITY: health professionals call for improvement of the air quality in Tuzla and Lukavac

Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina; February 26, 2018 – Health and Environment Alliance (HEAL) is calling city authorities to clean the air in Bosnia and Herzegovina . Doctors, allied healthcare professionals, and public health practitioners in Tuzla are officially launching Unmask My City, to rally their peers and push for action on air pollution in their region. The Tuzla thermal coal plant in Bosnia is one of the ten largest polluters in Europe, emitting 51,644 tons of sulphur dioxide (SO2) per […]

09 Feb 2017

Historic climate agreement reflects real world change, protects vulnerable people

195 countries reached across traditional divides today to unite behind the greatest moral challenge of our time and seal the deal on a historic climate accord. The Paris Agreement is an inclusive, ambitious, science-based deal that recognises the urgency and scale of action required to address climate change, and hastens the transition from dirty to clean energy that is well underway. The Paris Agreement heralds the end of the fossil fuel era, giving the world the tools to drive emissions […]

09 Feb 2017

World celebrates Pope’s words as faith groups shift into action

The world is celebrating the one-year anniversary of Pope Francis’ groundbreaking encyclical on ecology, “Laudato Si”, and much of those celebrations are focused on taking climate action. In Australia Thursday, four Catholic orders shifted their investments away from coal, oil and gas companies in the first ever joint Catholic divestment announcement. The moral case against fossil fuels has powered countless actions around the world, including the Interfaith Climate Statement, the Islamic Declaration on Climate Change, and the Hindu Declaration on […]

09 Feb 2017

Air pollution deaths exposed as cities step up to save lives

India and China’s continued use of coal is causing an additional 1.6 million deaths per year, and both nations are failing to reduce air pollution-related despite rising GDP, says a new report from Greenpeace. India has in fact overtaken China in deaths caused by outdoor air pollution, with an average of 3,283 premature deaths per day compared to 3,233 per day in China. This news comes as coal companies shirk their responsibility to protect workers from the rising spectre of […]

26 Oct 2016

Health Professionals Call for G7 Coal Phase Out

More than 300,000 doctors, nurses, public health professionals and health advocates from 30 countries are calling on the world’s seven largest economies to accelerate the transition away from coal.