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24 Jan 2015

Climate change “most daunting challenge” to food security worldwide — FAO

Food security in the face of climate change is one of “the most daunting challenges facing humankind,” according to a UN report released this week.

09 Jan 2015

‘Long-awaited’ $84 million payout goes through for oil spill-afflicted community

After a lengthy battle against Shell heavyweights, a community devastated by oil spills along the Niger delta will finally receive an $84 million payout.

07 Nov 2014

Climate change migration leads to disease vulnerability, according to researchers

Migration and disease brought on by climate change are some of the more precarious impacts looming over vulnerable communities, according to recent reports.

05 Sep 2014

Food insecurity to intensify for countries hardest hit by climate change

As climate change impacts compound across the globe, recent reports reveal that food insecurity will be one of the leading threats to the world’s most vulnerable populations.

29 Aug 2014

3000 Kenyan tea farmers mobilize against climate change

As unpredictable weather conditions continue to hit Kenyan crops, one local tea factory is mobilizing their farmers to better deal with these challenges.

29 Jul 2014

Behind the Brands campaign makes waves as General Mills pledges climate action

A major success for Oxfam as food and beverage company General Mills is to implement industry-leading measures to cut emissions from its supply chains.

09 May 2014

Dietary shifts key to both climate mitigation and managing impacts

With new research into the climate impact of our dietary requirements, and with more and more food commodities feeling the effects of climate change, the connections between climate and our food are once again hitting the headlines.

06 May 2014

Landmark report shows US is already feeling climate impacts

The newest National Climate Assessment report reiterates many of the most important findings from decades of climate science.

23 Apr 2014

In Washington, cowboys and Indians launch five-day protest of Keystone XL pipeline

A coalition of Native Americans, farmers, and ranchers have descended upon Washington, DC to protest the controversial project.

10 Apr 2014

New manual uses faith-based approach to encourage conservation farming in sub-Saharan Africa

The manual seeks help Muslim farmers in Africa who are cultivating arid regions imperiled by climate change.