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22 Jan 2014

Environment Canada scientists axed in federal 'assault on knowledge'

As the Canadian federal government continues to scale back its funding for research, Environment Canada scientists are among the first to take a hit, losing 20 top scientists in the past year.

21 Jan 2014

World Economic Forum to address climate change on full 'Climate Day'

Ahead of the start of the World Economic Forum’s 2014 gathering, many are already anticipating a significant focus on climate change at Davos.

17 Jan 2014

New research maps countries' contributions to global temperature rise

A new study aims to offer new insights into countries’ historical responsibility for global warming, by translating a their emissions into a proportion of observed temperature rise.

16 Jan 2014

Closing the clean investment gap key to preventing climate crisis

In order to ensure a safe climate future, the world must invest an average of $1 trillion per year in clean energy — a goal known as the ‘clean trillion.’

15 Jan 2014

Pine Island Glacier retreat now ‘irreversible’

The mighty Pine Island Glacier, the largest single contributor to sea level rise in Antarctica, has probably begun an irreversible retreat, warn scientists.

14 Jan 2014

Activists call for resignation of Indian Environment Minister Moily

Indian activists are calling for the resignation of the new Environment Minister after his appointment brought the speedy approval of the Posco steel plant.

14 Jan 2014

EU Commission under attack over weak fracking proposal

Green groups are accusing the European Commission of “turning a blind eye” to the dangers of fracking, as leaked guidelines suggest it has ditched plans for legally binding regulations for the shale industry.

13 Jan 2014

Neil Young spotlights oil sands injustice on Honor The Treaties tour

Rock legend Neil Young launched the Honor the Treaties concert tour in solidarity with First Nations fighting against oil sands development in their territories.

13 Jan 2014

War on fracking escalates as UK government goes ‘all out for shale’

The UK government is “going all out for shale” as Prime Minister David Cameron offers new incentives to local councils willing to accept the controversial industry.

09 Jan 2014

Gulf Coast residents stand up against BP's pursuit of oil in their waters

Gulf Coast residents stand up to oil giant BP as it continues to pursue offshore oil drilling in the Gulf of Mexico, with backing from the UK government.