Category : North America

14 Feb 2014

Faith communities step up in fight for climate

Faith groups are joining the conversation on climate change as the consequences of rampant fossil fuel consumption become increasingly apparent.

07 Feb 2014

U.S. takes note as climate change worsens Western drought

The crippling drought that has much of California and parts of Nevada and Oregon at a crisis point is being intensified by a changing climate.

29 Jan 2014

Obama's State of the Union climate strategy falls short for future generations

In the US 2014 State of the Union, President Obama championed his ‘all of the above’ energy strategy, which prominently features harmful fracking for natural gas.

22 Jan 2014

Rich nations export emissions to developing nations, but can't avoid consequences

By outsourcing their manufacturing, developed nations like the US are responsible for some of the pollution in developing nations. That air pollution can come back to ‘haunt’ rich nations.

22 Jan 2014

Environment Canada scientists axed in federal 'assault on knowledge'

As the Canadian federal government continues to scale back its funding for research, Environment Canada scientists are among the first to take a hit, losing 20 top scientists in the past year.

13 Jan 2014

Neil Young spotlights oil sands injustice on Honor The Treaties tour

Rock legend Neil Young launched the Honor the Treaties concert tour in solidarity with First Nations fighting against oil sands development in their territories.

09 Jan 2014

Gulf Coast residents stand up against BP's pursuit of oil in their waters

Gulf Coast residents stand up to oil giant BP as it continues to pursue offshore oil drilling in the Gulf of Mexico, with backing from the UK government.

07 Jan 2014

North America sees deep freeze, but the climate keeps warming

The cold weather this week in North America is no indication that climate change has halted.