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22 May 2015

Fossil fuels subsidised by $10m a minute, says IMF

IMF reveals ‘shocking’ subsidy estimate of $5.3tn every year, an amount higher than the total health spending of global governments.

21 May 2015

Anti-coal campaigners target Commonwealth Bank in Australia and elsewhere

Customers of the institution are turning up the heat this week, urging the bank to rule out financing a massive coal mine and an expanded coal terminal.

13 May 2015

Shell rigs prepare to dock in Seattle amidst Arctic oil uproar

The oil giant’s plan to use Seattle as a home base for Arctic drilling has touched a nerve in the Evergreen State.

08 May 2015

Pope Francis could lead one third of Catholics into climate fight

One in three Catholics would go green if the Pope issued a declaration on climate change, according to new polling.

07 May 2015

Climate change threatens one in six species

A new study has found that climate change could drive one in six species of animal and planet life to extinction.

05 May 2015

American politicians take aim at climate science with NASA budget cuts

Republicans in the US Congress have ruffled feathers by proposing crippling funding cuts for climate change research.

29 Apr 2015

New emissions target puts California on forefront of climate fight

California Governor Jerry Brown has charted course toward a clean energy future with an executive order issued on Wednesday.

19 Mar 2015

Study: rich nations could pledge US$2tn to tackle climate change in developing countries

Researchers conclude that $2tn of climate finance per year from developed to developing countries will not exceed 2% of GDP.

18 Mar 2015

Vanuatu’s president blames devastating cyclone on changing climate

President Baldwin Lonsdale has placed some of the blame for the Cyclone Pam on global warming.

13 Mar 2015

African ministers seek “critical” amendment to global warming target during Paris climate talks

African leaders are calling on wealthy nations to keep temperatures below 1.5 degrees instead of 2 degrees C during upcoming UN Paris climate meetings.