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09 Sep 2015

G20 countries still subsidising fossil fuel industry despite commitments to a phase-out

In the run-up to the G20 Leaders’ Summit, Turkey can be the first to walk its talk by beginning to phase out subsidies to fossil fuel producers. If other G20 governments follow suit, they could send a signal of real change at a pivotal moment.

17 Jul 2015

Climate change named top global threat

Climate change has been named as the world’s top global threat, with countries in Latin America and Africa particularly concerned by the issue.

04 May 2015

Dip in Tanzanian coffee harvest pushes industry to a tipping point

As temperatures climb, the Tanzanian coffee industry is being hit hard due to low production.

27 Mar 2015

VIDEO: Green energy for the giant of Africa

Nigeria is both the biggest oil producer but with so much of the population still living in darkness, many are now looking to the alternatives. Damon van der Linde reports.

13 Mar 2015

African ministers seek “critical” amendment to global warming target during Paris climate talks

African leaders are calling on wealthy nations to keep temperatures below 1.5 degrees instead of 2 degrees C during upcoming UN Paris climate meetings.

16 Feb 2015

High-emitting gas flaring practice under fire in Nigeria

Routine gas flaring, an activity that occurs at oil production sites, emits the equivalent in emissions from 70 million cars around the world.

09 Feb 2015

Solar growth picks up steam across Africa

From Nigeria to Kenya, Africa’s surge in renewables hints at a more diversified energy mix in the continent’s near future.

07 Nov 2014

Climate change migration leads to disease vulnerability, according to researchers

Migration and disease brought on by climate change are some of the more precarious impacts looming over vulnerable communities, according to recent reports.

31 Oct 2014

Sustainable transport by 2063 – Africa endorses green roadmap

As part of Africa’s 50-year development plan, 42 African countries have agreed to endorse a sustainability framework targeting the continent’s transport sector.

10 Oct 2014

Morocco climate conference fuels further discussions on impacts and economy

A conference on climate change wraps up in Morocco today, spearheading longer-term discussions on climate change knowledge and socio-economic security for Africa.