Tag : Air Pollution

15 Jun 2016

Brexit costs to be counted in health & climate impacts

The UK public will head to the polls next week, in a “climate referendum” that could see it turn its back on decades of progress on environmental issues, including climate change and air pollution.

17 Mar 2016

Coal pollution costs Western Balkans dear

Heavy pollution from coal-fired power stations results in Serbia losing a third of its national wealth annually because of premature deaths caused by poor air quality.

17 Mar 2016

China goes big on clean energy in latest Five-Year Plan

For the first time ever, China will cap its total primary energy consumption, and set targets to improve its air quality, outlined in its 13th Five-Year Plan for Economic and Social Development.

05 Feb 2016

Brexit would return Britain to being the “dirty man of Europe”

A group of leading environmentalists have warned that the UK could become “the dirty man of Europe” again, with a return to poor air and water quality, filthy beaches and weak conservation laws, if it was to leave the European Union.

27 Oct 2015

EU air pollution rules up in the air as lobbyists threatens ambition

Stricter limits on European methane and ammonia emissions hangs in the balance, as MEPs prepare to vote on new air pollution rules.

30 Apr 2015

Medical students call for fossil fuel divestment

Over one million medical students are calling on the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the Wellcome Trust to divest from fossil fuels, warning that the dirty energy industry is a bigger threat to global health than tobacco.

15 Apr 2015

Thousands take to the streets in coal power protest in Heyaun, China

Amid growing public awareness of the dangers of air pollution, thousands of residents of Heyaun, China have taken to the streets to protest coal power in the region.

26 Jan 2015

India and US advance on climate cooperation

Indian Prime Minister Modi and US President Obama have announced that the two countries will further their work together to fight global climate change.

09 Sep 2014

China announces national carbon market to tackle climate change

China plans to roll out the world’s largest carbon market in 2016, according to a senior official with the country’s National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC).

27 Aug 2014

Health summit to show bold climate action will save lives

Leading health experts are urging strong climate action, as the first every global climate and health conference kicks of in Geneva.