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23 Sep 2014

Kathy Jetnil-Kijiner: 'We deserve to do more than just survive, we deserve to thrive'

Kathy Jetnil-Kijiner gives a powerful speech to open today’s UN Climate Summit in New York.

22 Sep 2014

Live Blog: UN Climate Summit, New York

Heads of Government from over 120 countries will be meeting in New York at UN Climate Summit hosted by Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon. TckTckTck will bring you the latest from inside the summit and all the reaction throughout the day.

18 Sep 2014

President Loeak: We must ‘be the leaders we were elected to be’

As world leaders prepare to gather in New York for the UN Secretary-General’s Climate Summit, Marshall Islands President, Christopher Loeak has issued a powerful call to action on climate change.

10 Sep 2014

CO2 levels surge to record highs as world falls behind on climate action

As the WMO shows atmospheric CO2 levels surged in 2013, new research warns countries are failing further and further behind the emissions reductions needed to stay below 2°c of warming.

10 Sep 2014

Eradicating poverty impossible without tackling climate change, says report

Overcoming poverty will be impossible if governments fail to tackle climate change, according to a new report from leading environment and development charities.

03 Sep 2014

Weather presenters forecast stormy future without bold climate action

As part of a new campaign ahead of the UN climate summit in New York this month, the World Meteorological Organization is warning of a future of floods, storms and searing heat is climate change continues unabated.

14 Aug 2014

People's Climate March swells to global mobilisation for action

Large marches and rallies in Delhi, Jakarta, London, Rio de Janeiro, and Berlin will ensure world leaders heading to the UN Secretary General’s Climate Summit in September will be met with the largest mobilisation on climate change in history.

18 Jul 2014

500 days from crucial Paris summit, momentum grows for climate deal

500 days ahead of a crucial UN climate summit in Paris, momentum is growing for a global climate deal.

23 Apr 2014

Earth Day highlights need for action at critical time for climate

More than a billion people worldwide celebrated this year’s Earth Day – the 44th anniversary of the annual event – and true to the iconic day’s history, the annual event galvanised strong global calls for action.