Tag : Carbon Tracker Initiative.

21 Aug 2015

Wellcome Trust loses millions due to plummeting value in fossil fuel investment

The medical charity Wellcome Trust lost an estimated £175 million in value in 2014, due to a sharp loss in value of its fossil fuel investments.

24 Apr 2015

Shareholders urge fossil fuel giants to act on climate change

The pressure on fossil fuel companies to adopt more sustainable and transparent business strategies is mounting, as shareholders’ concerns grow over future carbon emission cuts and a resulting plummet in the value of fossil fuel investments.

16 Oct 2014

Report: Fossil fuel companies found paying lip service to climate risks

Coal, oil and gas companies almost universally recognise the risks climate change poses to their businesses, yet just 7% are integrating these threats into their spending choices.

22 Sep 2014

Companies risk wasting billions expanding out-dated, risky coal

Coal companies are on track to waste $112 billion of investors’ money on mine expansion that will be excess to requirements as China’s slowing demand for the fuel sends shockwaves across the world.

15 Aug 2014

World's largest oil companies gamble investor cash on risky, high carbon projects

The world’s seven largest oil companies could gamble away billions of dollars of investor’s money over the next decade on expensive, risky and high-carbon oil projects, according to the latest research from UK-based think-tank the Carbon Tracker Initiative.

10 Jul 2014

Shell accused of misrepresenting climate risk to investors

Shell is back in the firing line for misrepresenting climate risk to its investors as the Carbon Tracker Initiative hits back over the oil major’s claim that the carbon bubble concept is alarmist.