Tag : Climate Governance

24 Jun 2016

Brexit: No excuse to ‘go back to year zero’ on climate

As the UK’s vote to leave the European Union sends shockwaves across the world, green groups warn the move cannot be an excuse to “go back to year zero on environmental protection”.

15 Jun 2016

Brexit costs to be counted in health & climate impacts

The UK public will head to the polls next week, in a “climate referendum” that could see it turn its back on decades of progress on environmental issues, including climate change and air pollution.

26 May 2016

G7 host Japan goes rogue on coal as renewable jobs buck global trend

Japan, host of this week’s G7 summit, is isolated before the meeting has even begun, as its continued love of dirty coal has exposed it as a rogue among its G7 peers.

19 May 2016

300,000+ public health professionals call on G7 to speed clean energy shift

More than 300,000 doctors, nurses, public health professionals and health advocates from 30 countries are calling on the world’s seven largest economies to accelerate the transition away from coal to save lives ahead of this month’s high level G7 meeting in Japan.

22 Apr 2016

Paris signing ceremony marks milestone in journey towards fossil free future

As the world’s record warming streak moves into its 11th month, and climate impacts, continue to hit communities, nations will be using Earth Day 2016 to take their first collective step from ambition to action on the global climate deal agreed last December

12 Apr 2016

Countries urged to turn Paris promises into action, ratify swiftly

As many nations make calls for the swift ratification of the Paris Agreement, the profound impacts of climate change is hitting home, 2016 is forecast to be the hottest on record and more extreme weather events hit across the globe.

11 Mar 2016

Obama and Trudeau join forces to move their countries ahead of the climate curve

The US and Canada have taken strong strides towards creating a low carbon economy, cementing a number of climate-friendly agreements today.

01 Mar 2016

Bleak outlook for coal as China befriends renewables

China’s transition towards a renewable energy future is picking up pace, as the country recorded an historic fall in coal consumption in 2015

16 Dec 2015

Diego Arguedas Ortiz: Paris delivers the promised climate deal to resounding cheer and applause

The impossible was made possible. Governments from 195 countries around the world emerged here with the first universal agreement to cut greenhouse gases emissions and reduce the negative impacts of climate change.

16 Dec 2015

Tom Burke: What the COP21 outcome means for fossil fuels

As the dust settles after the historic adoption of the Paris 2015, Tom Burke asks what the outcome could mean for the future of the fossil fuel industry.