Tag : Climate Risk

07 Apr 2016

Global wealth faces higher climate risk

Limiting emissions to ensure the internationally-agreed 2°C temperature rise is not exceeded could still leave trillions of dollars of global financial assets at risk.

22 Feb 2016

BP carbon bomb in Great Australian Bight under spotlight

Disastrous plans from BP, Statoil, and Chevron to drill for oil in the incredibly hostile Great Australian Bight will soon be under the spotlight, with the Australian Senate instigating an inquiry into the AU$1 billion project.

30 Sep 2015

Climate change a threat to financial stability – Bank of England governor

Mark Carney, the governor of the Bank of England, has become the latest person to deliver a blunt warning about the risks of climate change to global financial stability.

13 Jul 2015

Climate change risk should be assessed like national security risk – report

Climate change threatens international security and its risks should be assessed the same way as those of nuclear weapons proliferation and terrorism, according to a new study.

01 May 2015

UN: Climate Vulnerable Forum urges for strengthening of 2C goal

The group of 20 states most vulnerable to climate change highlights risks posed by climate change as well as the recent uptake of low-carbon technology

16 Oct 2014

Report: Fossil fuel companies found paying lip service to climate risks

Coal, oil and gas companies almost universally recognise the risks climate change poses to their businesses, yet just 7% are integrating these threats into their spending choices.