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28 Apr 2016

Vulnerable countries suffer as heat epidemics hit worker health and productivity

Rising temperatures are already hitting the global workforce, and failing to tackle climate could risk billions of dollars in lost economic output and undermine efforts to reduce poverty.

13 Apr 2016

World’s largest private coal company files for bankruptcy

Peabody Energy, the world’s largest privately-owned coal company, has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in the US, becoming the 50th coal company to do so since 2012.

07 Apr 2016

Global wealth faces higher climate risk

Limiting emissions to ensure the internationally-agreed 2°C temperature rise is not exceeded could still leave trillions of dollars of global financial assets at risk.

17 Feb 2016

Fossil fuels are now a bad bet, investors told

Owning fossil fuel deposits was once like having money in the bank – but not any longer, investors are being warned.

04 Feb 2016

Investors tip balance towards renewables

With investment in renewable electricity sources now outstripping polluting fossil fuels, a new study sees signs of change in global attitudes towards climate risks.

18 Jan 2016

Renewing the economy: clean energy key to growth

While investors and global leaders crunch numbers this week to stabilize the global economy, experts are offering hard-hitting numbers linking renewables to a prosperous future.

16 Sep 2015

World’s largest PR firm ditches coal clients

Coal’s list of friends is quickly dwindling, as the world’s biggest public relations company has chosen to no longer work with coal producers, or climate change deniers.

25 Aug 2015

Oil means turmoil as world’s markets nosedive

Oil prices have hit their lowest point in over six years, leaving global stock markets crashing and traders in a panic.

26 May 2015

Finance industry and business get behind low-carbon transition

A summit of businesses and investors in Paris has given a massive boost to momentum towards climate action and the global deal due at the end of the year.

26 Feb 2015

Study: Tackling food waste will cut emissions and save billions

Reducing food waste could reduce carbon emissions and save up to $300 billion a year by 2030, according to a new report.