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02 Nov 2015

Royal call for switch to low carbon investment

Prince Charles urges investors to play a key role as future-makers by pressuring governments to take decisive action on climate change.

30 Sep 2015

Climate change a threat to financial stability – Bank of England governor

Mark Carney, the governor of the Bank of England, has become the latest person to deliver a blunt warning about the risks of climate change to global financial stability.

16 Sep 2015

Pressure grows on UK government to end its love affair with coal

Pressure continues to build on the UK government to rid itself of coal as it joins other rich nations in Paris this week to seek a deal on ending subsidies.

23 Oct 2014

Daily TCK: Day 3 at the climate talks in Bonn

The climate talks in Bonn continue with discussions tackling finance and the pledges which will sit at the heart of the 2015 deal.

16 Oct 2014

Report: Fossil fuel companies found paying lip service to climate risks

Coal, oil and gas companies almost universally recognise the risks climate change poses to their businesses, yet just 7% are integrating these threats into their spending choices.

13 Oct 2014

Bank of England governor warns of 'unburnable' fossil fuels

Reiterating his warning that the vast majority of oil reserves should be considered “unburnable”, Bank of England governor Mark Carney has called for climate change risk to be mainstreamed.

29 Apr 2014

Fossil fuel free investment goes mainstream with FTSE index

Today the global campaign against fossil fuels entered the financial mainstream as the world’s largest fund manager BlackRock teamed up with London’s FTSE Group to help investors avoid risky coal, oil and gas companies.

07 Feb 2014

Japanese NGOs call on JBIC to end coal financing

Japanese environmental NGOs have joined groups from Europe and the US in calling for the Japan Bank for International Cooperation’s (JBIC) to end its continued financing of coal-fired power plants

03 Feb 2014

Divestment goes mainstream as major funds kick the fossil fuel habit

With a shift of nearly two billion dollars away from fossil fuels, the divestment campaign has moved into new territory.