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03 Sep 2014

Weather presenters forecast stormy future without bold climate action

As part of a new campaign ahead of the UN climate summit in New York this month, the World Meteorological Organization is warning of a future of floods, storms and searing heat is climate change continues unabated.

11 Aug 2014

Australian government under pressure to put climate change on G20 agenda

Twelve eminent medical and health scientists urge Prime Minister Abbott to include climate change on the agenda for this year’s G20 meeting.

10 Apr 2014

New European satellite to monitor the environment and natural disasters

A new European satellite will soon be helping track sea ice, oil spills, land use and natural disasters including floods and earthquakes, having launched this week from the continent’s spaceport in French Guiana.

20 Feb 2014

El Niño could make 2015 hottest year on record

The odds that 2015 will set a record for the warmest year since records begun are rising, as scientists predict an El Niño event will occur later this year.