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16 Mar 2016

Two steps forward, one step back: UK touts zero carbon future but backs fossils

Less than a week after it took a historic first step towards enshrining the Paris goal of a zero emissions future into law, the UK is accused of not putting “enough fuel in the tank to get us there”.

04 Mar 2016

Solar power poised to claim top spot for new energy in the US

As fortunes fade for fossil fuels, solar power is on it’s way to becoming the top new energy source in the US, according to new data from the US Energy Information Administration.

03 Mar 2016

EU under fire for ignoring Paris and backing gas

As the European Commission is accused of “pretending Paris didn’t happen”, new analysis warns the continent could waste up to €11.4 billion if it does not wake up to the risk of continued gas investment

17 Feb 2016

Californians seek ‘new normal’ following methane crisis

A natural gas well that leaked over four months in California is finally under control, paving the way for the “road to recovery” and justice.

17 Feb 2016

Fossil fuels are now a bad bet, investors told

Owning fossil fuel deposits was once like having money in the bank – but not any longer, investors are being warned.

16 Feb 2016

EU Commission’s energy security plan ‘blind to renewables’

In the first test for Europe’s energy policy since the Paris climate summit, the EU Commission is accused of being ‘blind to renewables’ after it, today, released an energy security proposal which could lock Europe into decades of fossil fuel use.

08 Jan 2016

Californians come to grips with fracking risks during state of emergency

As the Porter Ranch fracking disaster threatens to plunge the US into the most significant environmental crisis since the Gulf Oil Spill, Governor Jerry Brown ordered “all necessary and viable actions” be taken to contain a massive methane leak at the Aliso Canyon gas facility on the outskirts of Los Angeles.

07 Jan 2016

Hilary Lewis: Porter Ranch methane leak doesn’t bode well for climate

For months now, methane pollution has been billowing from the Porter Ranch facility into the local community.

12 Nov 2015

G20 fossil fuel subsidies four times higher than renewables support

Despite their repeated pledges to phase out fossil fuel subsidies, G20 countries – which produce about three-quarters of global emissions collectively – are still pouring nearly four times more support into coal, oil and gas than renewable energy gets globally, a new report shows.

07 Jul 2015

Report: Gas investments, like coal, could become stranded assets

A new report from the Carbon Tracker Initiative (CTI) finds US $283 billion in Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) projects are likely to be surplus to requirements in a carbon-constrained world.