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08 Jun 2016

New India-US partnership sends “jolt of momentum” to global climate deal

The US and India have signalled their intent to “forge ahead” with climate action, driving the world closer towards meeting its landmark climate agreement.

29 Mar 2016

Asia loses its appetite for coal

Many hundreds of planned coal-fired power plants in Asia will probably be shelved as economies slow and climate change and air pollution worsen.

27 Jan 2016

Solar club builds up powerful alliance

Indian and French leaders fulfil pledges made at the Paris climate talks to help 122 solar-rich nations reach their potential in renewable energy production.

02 Oct 2015

Climate pledges by 140 countries will limit global warming to 2.7C – report

Current climate pledges submitted by 140 countries will limit global warming to 2.7C compared to pre-industrial levels, according to expert analysis.

08 Sep 2015

World’s first solar-powered airport takes off

The international airport at Cochin in southern India has blazed a pioneering trail by becoming the first to run all its ground operations on solar power.

24 Apr 2015

India agrees to phase out climate-damaging HFCs

In its efforts to take leadership on climate action, the Indian government has submitted plans to the UN to phase down the climate-damaging refrigerant HFCs which are used in air-conditioners, refrigerators and insulating foams.

24 Apr 2015

2015 brings uptick in renewables investment in India and South Africa

In the first quarter of 2015, South Africa and India paved the way for the renewable energy industries, with noticeable uptick in investment in clean energy sources.

24 Mar 2015

Greenpeace celebrates landmark victory in dispute over Mahan forest

In a huge victory for local and international campaigners, the Indian government has announced that the Mahan forest will not be cut down to make way for a huge coal mine.

12 Mar 2015

India doubles tax on coal production

In his annual budget speech, Indian Finance Minister, Arun Jaitley announced that India will double its tax on the dirty fuel.

17 Feb 2015

Anxiety for fishermen in Goa as mining is set to resume

Fishermen in Goa, India are bracing themselves as mining in the region could start again as soon as March 2015.