Tag : Nature

27 Aug 2015

Emissions are putting species in lethal danger

Scientists warn that lizards, coral reefs and forests are all seriously under threat unless agreement is reached to reduce drastically fossil fuel emissions.

13 Feb 2015

Pressure grows as Wales says no to fracking until ‘proven safe’

The ban, as well as stricter regulations in England, follow the Scottish fracking moratorium

03 Oct 2014

WWF: Climate change driving world’s wildlife populations into decline

The world’s wildlife population have decreased by over 50% in just 40 years – according to a new report published by WWF, which shows climate change was a major factor, along with habitat loss and exploitation.

31 Jul 2014

WWF: Arctic oil spill could spread 1,000 km

Oil from a spill or oil well blowout in Canada’s Beaufort Sea could spread more than 1,000 kilometres across the region’s pristine environment, a new study from WWF has shown.