Tag : Healthy Oceans

23 Jun 2016

Climate’s coral killers move in swiftly

Worst-ever bleaching event affects 93 percent of the Great Barrier Reef as rising temperatures and sea levels bring swift death to vast swathes of colourful corals.

09 Mar 2016

Greenland’s darkening ice is melting faster

A dusty film of pollution is muting the reflective whiteness of Greenland’s pristine icecap and making it vulnerable to accelerated melting rates.

07 Mar 2016

Warming means unfair share for poor

As temperatures rise with climate change, the Earth’s natural capital will change too − but there may be few winners, even among the wealthy.

02 Mar 2016

Acid test shows real threat to coral reefs

A pioneering experiment on Australia’s Great Barrier Reef has revealed clear evidence that coral growth is being restricted by rising levels of ocean acidity.

23 Feb 2016

Sea level rise happening faster than anytime in nearly 3,000 years

Geological data reveals that humans have contributed to rising sea levels since the Bronze Age, but fossil fuel emissions have led to the current record-breaking increases.

08 Feb 2016

Oceans are heating up at the double

Records from a sailing ship’s round-the-world research voyage almost 150 years ago provide further evidence that the Earth is continuing to warm unchecked.

13 Nov 2014

New global maps detail anthropogenic ocean acidification

A team of scientists have published maps depicting the most comprehensive picture yet of global ocean acidification, providing a global benchmark against which future changes can be measured.

17 Sep 2014

Canary Island whale species facing growing oil threat

The coastal waters of Lanzarote and Fuerteventura, in the Canary Islands, are home to nearly a third of the world’s whale, dolphin and porpoise species. But the region is facing a growing threat of oil exploration.

04 Aug 2014

Pacific Islands Forum urges tough action on climate change and ocean conservation

Pacific Island nations have re-affirmed their commitment to tackling climate change, sea level rise and ocean conservation, as they met in Palau for the 45th Pacific Islands Forum.

31 Jul 2014

WWF: Arctic oil spill could spread 1,000 km

Oil from a spill or oil well blowout in Canada’s Beaufort Sea could spread more than 1,000 kilometres across the region’s pristine environment, a new study from WWF has shown.