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13 Aug 2014

Oil companies driving ecological catastrophe in Russia

For decades, huge quantities of oil have been spilling from Russia’s pipelines—and the government is doing next to nothing to stop it.

31 Jul 2014

WWF: Arctic oil spill could spread 1,000 km

Oil from a spill or oil well blowout in Canada’s Beaufort Sea could spread more than 1,000 kilometres across the region’s pristine environment, a new study from WWF has shown.

10 Apr 2014

New European satellite to monitor the environment and natural disasters

A new European satellite will soon be helping track sea ice, oil spills, land use and natural disasters including floods and earthquakes, having launched this week from the continent’s spaceport in French Guiana.

24 Feb 2014

Mississippi River oil spill only the latest in a series of fossil fuel related accidents

Another accident in the United States is drawing attention once more to the hazards of transporting and storing fossil fuels.