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22 Apr 2016

Paris signing ceremony marks milestone in journey towards fossil free future

As the world’s record warming streak moves into its 11th month, and climate impacts, continue to hit communities, nations will be using Earth Day 2016 to take their first collective step from ambition to action on the global climate deal agreed last December

07 Jan 2016

Pressure on polluters set to grow in 2016, as year starts with storms

With 2016 already forecast to be the hottest year on record, extreme weather events, like those which have battered countries across the world this New Year look set to become the new normal.

16 Dec 2015

Diego Arguedas Ortiz: Paris delivers the promised climate deal to resounding cheer and applause

The impossible was made possible. Governments from 195 countries around the world emerged here with the first universal agreement to cut greenhouse gases emissions and reduce the negative impacts of climate change.

16 Dec 2015

Tom Burke: What the COP21 outcome means for fossil fuels

As the dust settles after the historic adoption of the Paris 2015, Tom Burke asks what the outcome could mean for the future of the fossil fuel industry.

13 Dec 2015

Daily Tck: Historic climate agreement reflects real world change, protects vulnerable people

In a historic moment, all the world’s countries came together to signal that it’s game over for fossil fuels

11 Dec 2015

Daily Tck: Day 11 of the Paris Climate Change Conference

Latest draft text is ambitious, but significant work remains

10 Dec 2015

Daily Tck: Day 10 of the Paris Climate Change Conference

Steam-lined text released Wednesday, retaining options for a credible pathway to 1.5ºC

09 Dec 2015

Daily Tck: Day 9 of the Paris Climate Change Conference

Newly unveiled 100 country-strong “high ambition coalition” includes 79 African, Caribbean and Pacific countries, the US and the EU

08 Dec 2015

Daily Tck: Day 8 of the Paris Climate Change Conference

Ministers’ dig into remaining issues as pressure builds to deliver on new global climate agreement.

06 Dec 2015

Daily Tck: Day 6 of the Paris Climate Change Conference

Draft Paris agreement forwarded to Ministers to resolve remaining issues and ultimately secure a new global climate agreement