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17 Jun 2016

World celebrates Pope’s words as faith groups shift into action

The world is celebrating the one-year anniversary of Pope Francis’ groundbreaking encyclical on ecology, “Laudato Si”, and much of those celebrations are focused on taking climate action.

18 Jun 2015

Pope: End fossil fuels to tackle climate change and fight poverty

Pope Francis today released his long awaited Encyclical on the environment, called “Laudato Si (Be Praised), On the Care of Our Common Home”.

15 May 2015

Pope Francis steps up calls for Catholics to support action on climate change

With the Papal encyclical on climate change approaching, Pope Francis is stepping up his call for leadership, urging Catholics around the world to sign a new petition for bold climate action.

08 May 2015

Pope Francis could lead one third of Catholics into climate fight

One in three Catholics would go green if the Pope issued a declaration on climate change, according to new polling.

22 Apr 2015

Pressure grows for ambitious climate action ahead of Paris

The call for governments to forge an ambitious climate action plan in Paris in December is growing.

18 Feb 2015

Catholics highlight moral imperative of climate action in 40 day fast

In a chain of one-day fasts sweeping the globe, Catholics will come together this Lent to raise awareness of climate change.

19 Jan 2015

Pope Francis visits stormy Philippines, highlights moral imperative for climate action

Pope Francis has kicked off a new push for moral leadership on climate action, with a record-breaking mass in the storm-ravaged Philippines.

14 Jan 2015

Catholics unite for climate action as Pope urged to divest

Catholics unite to call for a sustainable climate future, as the Pope’s visit to the Philippines sees renewed calls for the Roman Catholic Church to divest from fossil fuels.

05 Jan 2015

Demand for climate action grows as 2015 deadline approaches

Pope Francis and TV naturalist David Attenborough have become the latest to add their voice to the growing calls for climate action, as the world gears up to a pivotal year for climate change.